Piptadenia suaveolens Miq

General features: small sapwood and core (heartwood) slightly different by color, the core is brown to reddish brown, it has an unnoticeable odor and taste, high density, coated grain, medium texture.

Density: it is a heavy wood with a density of 12% moisture out of 900 kg/m3 and a green density of 1170 kg/m3.

Drying: very fast in the greenhouse despite showing deep cracks, moderate tendency to some grooving and severe twisting.

Handling: difficult to use the saw or planer, however, it shows satisfactory results in twisting and lamination. The surface finishing is of poor quality with sandpaper and planer, but it is satisfactory with the drill and excellent with the lathe.

Durability: resistant to fungi and insect attack.

Conservation: usually easy to preserve with CCA-A (hydro-soluble) but difficult to process with oil-soluble products even under pressure process.

Commercial use: used in heavy or light exterior construction, window frames, flooring, general framing, parquet and slivers, utensils and tool handle, packaging boxes, sporting goods, toys, etc.

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