Couratari stellata  A.C.Smith

General features: sapwood and core of same color, yellowish white to light yellowish beige, average shine, unique smooth smell slightly unpleasant and bitter taste, plain granulation, average texture.

Density: average density at 12% moisture out of 610 kg/m3.

Drying: average drying process outdoors with a slight tendency to wear and surface cracks. The greenhouse drying is fast without significant flaws.

Handling: the wood is usually soft and easy to cut delivering a good finishing, although sometimes the surface looks fluffy. Some species have silica which causes to wear out the working tools.

Durability: it shows low resistance to attack by xylophagous organisms (fungi and termites). Some species tend to smudge (blue stain) caused by a staining fungi so this wood should be used dry and protected from moisture.

Commercial use: doors, windows, shutters, wood slivers, boards, regular furniture, plywood, packaging boxes, twisted utensils, etc.

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