Diplotropis purpurea (Rich.) Amshoff

General features: chocolate brown color heartwood when cut, becoming dark brown after drying, it light brown narrow strips give it a peculiar fibrous appearance. It has narrow, gray or pinkish sapwood clearly different from the main core. Slightly revessa granulation, medium to thick texture, average shine, unnoticeable odor and no taste.

Density: heavy wood with a density of 12% moisture out of 1,010 kg /m3 and a green density of 1,220 kg/m3.

Drying: very difficult outdoor drying with tendency to light cracks and wear on its surface. It features a very fast drying with moderate tendency to cracks and twist in the drying process 3.

Handling: moderately difficult to work with. It is good to work with the saw, however, it is difficult with the planer due to the revessa granulation. It is easy to maneuver resulting in an excellent finished product. It accepts nails, varnish or polish, as long as a seal is applied to fill up the pores of the wood.

Durability: hard and resistant to the attack of fungi and dry wood termites. It has low resistance to marine drill.

Conservation: the sapwood is easy to preserve but the core is not processed with CCA-A even under pressure process.

Commercial use: furniture, decorative slivers, framing, flooring, beams, bridges, etc.

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