Erisma uncinatum Warm

General features: large tree reaching up to 25m (82 feet) in height, average to narrow tree top, cylindrical trunk, white bark. Its branches, petioles and leaves are slightly soft on its back and its inflorescence is pilous. Its leaves are shaped in 3 to 4 “petals”, plywood veneer, round trunk, “time clock” shaped trunk. It flowers in a bunch of 2-5 flowers and the flower cone is well bowed and round, the petals are bright violet and the stamen is very thin. Its fruits are winged with an oval membrane.

Density: moderately heavy wood (0.60g/cm3), beige sapwood different from the pinkish brown core, thick texture, average granulation, no smell or taste.

Drying: easy outdoor drying without flaws. Artificial drying is fast with a few cracks, wear and superficial hardening may occur if the processing and storage conditions are too harsh.

Handling: easy to work with on plushy surface. It can be processed with paint, varnish and polish.

Commercial use: tables and construction in general, packaging boxes, carpentry, plywood manufacture, door knob, frames, boards, slivers, broomsticks, etc.

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