Astronium lecointei Ducke

General features: its color varies from light brown pinkish to yellowish brown, becoming dark red when exposed to sunlight, different from the lighter sapwood. Its spots are dark reddish brown to black. It has a wavy granulation with medium texture and shine, slight odor and bitter taste.

Density: heavy wood with a density of 12% moisture out of 930 kg/m3 and the young wood with a density of 1,200 kg/m3.

Drying: it dries very well outdoors without showing any flaws. Oven drying is very fast with moderate tendency to deep cracks in the drying process 3.

Handling: easy on sandpaper and drill, very easy on lathe and average on planer. The finished product is unsatisfactory with the planer, average in sandpaper but excellent in lathe and drill. Good with the saw, lamination, glue, bolts and nails. Pre-drilling with nails is recommended. It delivers excellent finished product with a very glossy surface.

Durability: very hard wood resistant to bugs and termites.

Conservation: the core is not processed with CCA-A even under pressure.

Commercial use: exterior and interior construction, packaging (boxes), doors, luxury furniture, tool handle, flooring, music instruments, decoration furniture, etc.

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