SAMISE is committed to provide environmental and social benefits yet legally profiting from the vast array of wood species that may be used as raw material to produce goods according to the current environmental regulations established on the forest concession rights.

Main Goal

  • To produce and sell high quality wood of sustainable legal origin using the most advanced tracking system from our production facility to the final Client.
  • To optmize the resources given by the forest to create multiple possibilities outside of the lumber business.
  • To promote and support the scientific research in the forest management areas.
  • To monitor the development of the remaining management area applying the necessary guidelines to minimize the environmental impact.


The Unidade de Manejo Florestal 1B (UMF-1B) Management Area is located on the Saraca-Taquera Forest, between the towns of Faro and Terra Santa, in the northern Brazilian State of Para.


+55 91 3085.1147

A Gleba Saraca-taquera, S/N UMF-1B
Zona Rural - Faro - Pará - Brasil
CEP: 68.280-000