Tabebuia serratifolia (Vahl.) Nichols.

General features: dark olive brownish core, usually uniform, sometimes with greenish shine due to the presence of a substance called lapachol. It is different from the sallow yellowish looking sapwood, gran revessa, medium texture, light or no shine (depending on the species), peculiar smell and taste.

Density: heavy wood with a density of 12% moisture out of 1,050 kg/m3 and a green density of 1,300 kg/m3.

Drying: easy to dry outdoors. When stacked well, it dries quickly and without flaws. Fast and easy drying in greenhouses with little wear and cracks.

Handling: moderate to trim, good with sandpaper and excellent for twisting and drilling. The pre-drilling is recommended prior to using nails or bolts for a good finished product.

Durability: high resistance to fungi and termites.

Conservation: the obstruction of the pores by oil-resin keeps the wood impermeable to conservation chemicals even under pressure.

Commercial use: interior constructions, music instruments, doors, window frame, etc.

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