Angelim Vermelho

Dinizia excelsa Ducke

General features: core and sapwood not very different in color, reddish brown, moderate shine, unpleasant smell and unnoticeable taste, high density, hard to cut, precise to irregular cut; medium to thick texture, slightly glossy surface.

Density: very heavy wood to work on machinery. The volumetric shrinking is average. This wood is extremely durable.

Drying: it shows a moderate tendency to twist and cracks. It dries relatively well outdoors.

Handling: difficult to worth with, however, it receives satisfactory finishing upon production.

Durability: the core is highly resistant against xylophagous organisms (fungi and insects) attack. In wood stick cutting experiment, this wood was considered highly durable with an average life span of more than eight years.

Conservation: very smooth sapwood but hard core difficult to preserve with creosote and CCA-A under pressure procedure.

Commercial use: heavy construction, shipping industry, truck wagon, parquet flooring, tool handle and bracket, carpentry, woodwork in general, etc.

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