Angelim Pedra

Hymenolobium heterocarpum.

General features: light brownish-yellowish core, different from the sallow brown sapwood. High fiber features on its outer surface due to the prominence of axial wood cells, fibers and vascular lines, "Gran revessa" (the tree trunk inner lines – its cells), thick texture, no shine and unnoticeable odor.

Density: medium density with 12% of moisture out of 710kg /m3 for H. modestum and green density of 770 kg/m3 in both species.

Drying: very fast in the greenhouse with little tendency to twisting and shrinking during the drying process 4.

Handling: easy to work with an average to good finishing with the planer, lathe or drill.

Durability: very durable core when exposed to fungi and average resistance to marine drill and to dry wood termites.

Conservation: very smooth sapwood but hard core difficult to preserve with creosote and CCA-A under pressure procedure.

Commercial use: construction, furniture, etc.


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