Founded in 2002, SAMISE is a timber producing company with a vast experience in the market of wood ready for trade. The company was granted its Forest Concession Rights Nº 02/2012 by the Brazilian Enviromental Services under the Law no 11.284/2006, Ordinance nº 6.063/2007 to manage the area called (Area de Manejo Florestal 1B) Saraca-Taquera-Lote Sul National Park.

In March 2014, the company signed a license agreement (concession rights) with the Brazilian Forest Service to manage a 59.000ha area of land in which the company currently manages an area of only 2.000 acres per year. With the forest concession rights granted, SAMISE intends to use its own production system to reach a better production efficiency, production tracking and legal awareness focused on the growth of its brand from the exploration of the land to the marketing and sale of its finished products.

It is important to highlight Samise has been engaged in adoption and implementation of good  forest management practices in  solid ground in  Brazilian Amazon.


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A Gleba Saraca-taquera, S/N UMF-1B
Zona Rural - Faro - Pará - Brasil
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